Brief: Create a brand that relates to the theme of loss.

Assist Arcade is a not-for-profit pop up arcade that donates its earnings to different charities. Through collaborating with different organizations, Assist Arcade provides opportunities to make a difference while gaming.

Brand Identity and Conception by Amber Liu.


Branding, 2020


Assist Arcade takes the action of playing games, and ensures that no matter if you win or lose, you are gratified in the knowledge that you are contributing to an important cause.

Assist Arcade is...

approachable not intimidating 

fulfilling not draining

interactive not isolating

Assist Arcade Logo
Assist Arcade Color Scheme
Assist Arcade Typography



The series of posters are an example of how the brand identity of Assist Arcade is integrated to advertise events and collaborations with charities. Each poster features the solid and bold shapes, with the information that changes anchored in the bottom of the poster. 

Poster design by Amber Liu. Mockups from royalty-free sites.

Assist Arcade Poster Mockup
Assist Arcade Poster Mockup
Assist Arcade Poster Mockup


As part of Assist Arcade's campaign, a single arcade machine is situated in the middle of a public space so that people can play the game for a dollar. They are able to choose which organization their dollar is donated to.

Machine design by Amber Liu. Animated video by Amber Liu. Mockups generated from royalty-free sites. Super Mario assets from Nintendo.

Assist Arcade Machine Mock Up


After they finish playing, players will receive a keychain, and receive a sheet of stickers as a tokens to associate the arcade with. There are tokens also available for use at different Assist Arcade locations. 

3D mockups and designs by Amber Liu. 

Assist Arcade Merchandise
Assist Arcade Merchandise
Assist Arcade Merchandise
Assist Arcade Merchandise