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Print and Web Design, 2019

Brief: Create materials for a multi-day event.

Broadway Bash is a 2-day event that features the biggest Broadway names and stars. Held in three prominent theaters in Times Square, the event holds keynote speakers and performances. 

Icons, maps and an accompanying website was created for this event, using similar visual language of enthusiasm and bright lights that Broadway does.

Design and videos by Amber Liu.

Broadway Bash Brochure
Broadway Bash Brochure
Broadway Bash Brochure


Branding, 2019

Brief: Create materials for a narrative.

Relief is an application aimed to provide resources and a sense of community for those affected by natural calamities. It is inspired by the earthquake and typhoon that my island experienced in 2013 as well as the sense of hope that I saw in the people despite the tragedy. 

The app contains forums and ways to engage with the community, such as merchandise, as well as an in-person simulation experience to further learn about these events.

Design and videos by Amber Liu.


Motion Graphic Design, 2019

Brief: Create 8 GIFs based on a location.

These 8 GIFs are based off Hawker Centers in Singapore, which are street food cafeterias that are popular among tourists and locals. The 8 GIFs represent different elements and interactions within Hawker Centers, from the many awards some Center have won to the diverse culture within the community. The texture of the illustrations are reminiscent to the casual, fast-paced and energetic atmosphere of the Centers.

Design by Amber Liu.