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​'Things You Didn't Know' is a a self-published 50-page project I did in 2018 about some of Broadway’s most famous musicals. As a fan of easter eggs, fun facts and history, this book includes rejected ideas, scandals, behind-the-scenes looks, and more of 13 musicals. 

I tried to be creative with the way facts were presented by having it be in a ‘scrapbook’ style, and not just in direct text. I drew fake post-its, notes, emails and text messages to narrate what happened in a fun way, and included QR codes, photos and more.

TYDK Interior-6.jpg

To be honest, I made this in 2018 and have grown so much as a designer since then, and so I would do a LOT of the design differently now (font, spacing, layout, things like that). But I am still incredibly proud of the research and time I put into collating this.

(begins on page 3)

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